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THE MADCAP(பித்தன் -ஆங்கில மொழிபெயர்ப்பு)


Author : Kavikko Abdul Rahman Translated by Dr.D.Gnanasekaran

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This Madcap (Piththan) is unique in his approach to matters of life. Actually we all live by contraries but we are ignorant about it. But the Madcap here chooses to live by contraries deliberately. He has stepped from light into the dark since he believes: When all lights go out/Wisdom comes in. Kavikko Abdul Rahman is original in his poetical effusions and his poems work with the most elemental in the individual and society. They touch a chord in the Tamil Psyche, leaving behind provocative questions and resonating images in Tamil imagination.

They poignantly portray the human drama unfolding on and before him. He is not happy to go with the flow and play along as life comes to him. Rahman thinks outside the box and is always conflicted with an irrepressible curiosity. He is a deconstructionist and sees beauty not only in beautiful flowers but in spiky thorns also. As an iconoclast, Rahman punctures the so-called established mindsets, stereotypes and cliches, and journeys beyond the apparent horizons, further seeking logical, intellectual and philosophical pursuits.

Acknowledging what a person has said does not mean that you agree with them, but it is better to give them a fair hearing even though it contradicts your position or deep-seated conviction. Rahman is indeed equipped to dispassionately look at the world through a critical lens and deserves a fair hearing.

Dr.D. Gnanasekaran(1952), well known to readers of Indian Writing in English, is a bilingual writer, poet and short story writer. His translations from Tamil into English have appeared in very many journals. His collection of research articles, Indian Writing in English: Insights for the Future, published by Authors Press, New Delhi has earned much critical acclaim. He has a haunting novel on his anvil. His first collection of poems is in the pipeline of a popular publisher from New Delhi.



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